Pet Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Summer in Miami

Few locations can measure up to Miami in the Summertime! There is nothing like it!

girl with dog

little girl hugs her dog outdoors
Source: istockphoto

But just imagine if you’re hot in Miami’s heat and humidity, how do you think your furry best friend must be feeling wearing a full fur coat 24/7? Keep these smart pet safety tips in mind as the temps continue to rise.

  • Never, ever, leave a dog in a hot car. When you’re running around town, take your dog inside with you while out running errands, or leave him at home in the air conditioning.
  • If you wouldn’t stand or walk on a sidewalk or road with no shoes on, then don’t expect your dog to do the same. While their paws are tougher than the soles of your bare feet, they can easily burn on super hot concrete or asphalt.
  • Make sure your cat always has a way to cool off. Fill their water bowl with ice cubes. Place a small fan on low and leave on the floor so they can stretch out in front of it.
  • Pick up all the throw rugs so your dog and cat can enjoy the nice cool tile or hardwood.
  • Have your dog groomed, and brush a cat frequently, to remove as much excess hair as possible.

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