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MOCA North Miami

Get Your Art Fix at MOCA North Miami

A great way to spend a rainy spring afternoon or evening is visiting art museums.  If you are looking for art museums in Miami, FL, check out the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami.

MOCA North Miami

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami is located in the John Lehman Building at 770 NE 125th Street.  The art museum offers a variety of styles and diversity for the art lover in us all.  The previous exhibition that was open to the public was ‘Surviving the Holocaust,’ by Bohumil Samuil Kecir. The current exhibition is ‘Alternative Contemporaneity,” by TAZ. This exhibition kicked off on March 21, 2015 and it runs until May 30, 2015.

The Altis at Kendall Square Apartment Homes in North Miami push luxury living to a whole new extreme.  The community offers their residents a Starbucks coffee bar and Hi-Fi Café and a concierge where you can pick up your dry cleaning and packages.  There is a 24-hour fitness center that offers cardio, boxing and spinning.  The residents enjoy the poolside demonstration kitchen as well as an entertaining deck with a fireplace, TV’s and surrounds sound.

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grocery list

How to make grocery shopping easier

Are you constantly stopping by the local fast food drive-thru for breakfast before work? Have you found yourself picking up take-out on your way home simply because you hate the thought of heading to the grocery store?

grocery list

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If you’re not a fan of shopping, these simple grocery shopping tips can make the job so much easier, saving you both time and money:

Sit down and plan out your menu for the week. Go through the cabinets and fridge and make a list of items needed for all these meals, including snacks and desserts. Then add cleaning and paper products, pet supplies and special treats. Now everything you need for the entire week should be on the list.

If when you do shop it’s at the same store each time, try to arrange the list by aisle. Back tracking and wandering leads to more impulse buys plus it wastes so much time.

Studies have showed the best time to shop is early in the morning. The aisles aren’t crowded, the shelves are well-stocked and this gives you time to comparison shop and read nutritional ingredients.

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Noisy Neighbors? Tips on dealing with noisy neighbors

One thing that makes people hesitant about living in an apartment complex is the potential of noisy neighbors. For the most part, people have found apartments are an excellent choice for convenient living. Often, there are amenities and other features that make it an ideal solution. When it comes to noisy neighbors, there is always a way to cope. Here are some apartment living tips to help you deal with neighbors who maybe aren’t aware of their volume.

  • Source: Freedigitalphotos

    Source: Freedigitalphotos

    Go up – If possible, look at units that are higher up in the building. The ground floor can lock you in on three sides. Of course, that isn’t always possible, but there are other solutions.

  • Talk to them – People can be clueless. If you’re neighbors seem like the approachable sort, go tell them they’re a bit on the loud side. Maybe even let them know the times you are gone and that they can feel free to let it all out then.
  • Leave a note – It’s no fun to be passive/aggressive, but sometimes it’s necessary. A random doorstep note may do the trick. They don’t need to know who it’s from.
  • Complain as a last resort.

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Host a Wine & Cheese Party in your Miami Apartment

An excellent way to celebrate a good occasions or gather friends or family together is to host a wine and cheese party. In many ways, wine and cheese are an amazingly simple menu that will delight guests, and even wow them if you add a few innovative details. Here are some steps to hosting your own wine and cheese extravaganza.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Choose a region. You can make the evening more fun by focusing on a region. It’s also a great way to do it if you want to throw a wine and cheese night multiple times. Feature wines from France, Napa Valley, Washington State or South America. The cheese can be regional too.

Offer knowledge. Place name/description cards in front of offerings. Have a small holder of cards with the name of the wine or cheese for people to take home if they like it. To be really helpful–label where you bought it from too.

Add sides. Wine and cheese pair well with many things–like bread, crackers, chocolate, nuts and more. Get creative.

Make it a soiree. To elevate your function, make it an opportunity to dress up.

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Don’t miss Dino Egg Safari at Zoo Miami

What’s one of the best ways to celebrate Easter in Miami with the family? Easy–head to the zoo for the Dino Egg Safari. With a unique spin on Easter (think dinosaurs, not bunnies), there are two days of festivities at Zoo Miami.

  • Source: Wikimedia Commons

    Source: Wikimedia Commons

    The event takes place on the weekend of April 4th and April 5th. The Dino Egg Safari lasts from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. each day.

  • The hunt is geared toward those 12 and under and their adult companions.
  • There will be continuous Dino eggs to hunt down and other excellent activities.
  • In addition to the hunt, enjoy your time at the zoo.
  • If you aren’t a big dinosaur fan, the Easter Bunny will be there too.

Zoo Miami has never been this exciting. If you’re not a member yet, now’s the time to sign up. Members get to start hunting an hour early (at 10 a.m.). The zoo is located at 12400 SW 152nd Street.

Hunt among the lions, zebras, gorillas, bears, camels and more. It will be one of the spring events in Miami, FL to remember.

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