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Utilize these Helpful Tips for Your Next Dinner Party

dinner party

Utilize these simple hosting tips for your next dinner party. Source: Southern Living

The space, architecture and features at Altis at Kendall Square make it an ideal place to host guests. These south Miami apartments are chic, with an elegant and modern design. Having people over for dinner is easy with granite counters and energy efficient appliances, and to fully utilize the space so everyone feels at home, try out these tips on hosting a party.

It is always helpful to rearrange furniture so that people have enough room to sit. Look around and move furniture to another room if it doesn’t serve a purpose to maximize the space for hosting. It is also good to have a closet where people can store their jackets and coats.

The kitchens at Altis at Kendall Square are excellent to cook in. But you can also get prepared food like appetizers from your local grocer to save time and energy while planning a party. This also works well for breads and desserts.

Before you purchase food or start to look for more seating, be sure to create a guest list. This will give you an exact head count of guests, in addition to allowing you to request guests to bring something, if need be.

Depending on the space you have and the style of your dinner party, consider doing a buffet. It gives guests more opportunity to mingle, and in these apartments, they will definitely want to. It is a good option whether formal or casual.

Are you looking for a spacious apartment home where you can host a party? Be sure to contact us at Altis at Kendall Square to learn more about living in Kendall, FL.


Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at VERSACE


Try a variety of tasty cool treats at Versace. Source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most delicious treats that residents of Doral Apartments have come to enjoy has been delicious gelato that is served at Stefano Versace.  Of course for those that truly have a sweet tooth this is hands down the best dessert you and your family will love to enjoy.

This local establishment’s gelatos are so authentic in its taste that once you are able to savor the variety of flavors you will come back for more. And with all of their ingredients coming from Italy, you will understand why this is the go-to spot for cool treats throughout the year.

To be honest, there is truly no comparison to the care Versace puts into their gelato, which is completely natural and made from scratch every morning.  Best yet, each gelato only has seven percent fat, while ice cream lovers should know that their treat of choice actually has 25 percent fat.  For those on a diet, gelato has to be the taste treat of choice.

The selections are something to savor.  Their case can hold between 16 to 20 various flavors, and diners can select tasty flavors like their award-winning Profumi di Siciliano, Fragola, Mango, Mandorla Biologica, Cioccolato Fondente, Grand Marnier, Cannolo Siciliano or Amarena.

Are you looking to live near some of the best restaurants in Kendall? If so, be sure to take a tour of our community at Altis at Kendall Square today.


Jogging Tips for Your Run at Water Oaks Park


Stay fit outdoors with a few of these jogging tips. Source: morgueFile

Are you looking for outdoor activities in Kendall FL that will get you in shape and help you stay healthy? If that’s the case, jogging is a great way to get some exercise. Make note of the following jogging tips for your next run, whether it’s around Kendall Square or nearby Water Oaks Park.

  • Make sure that you are running in properly sized running shoes. Go to a specialty running store and they can help you to pick out a pair for your running style. Also, do not run in shoes that have more than 300 to 400 miles on them.
  • Prioritize warming up and cooling down. Warming up allows your muscles to prepare for your workout and cooling down allows your heart rate and blood pressure to gradually lower.
  • Jog without focusing on your pace. Running too fast can cause injuries, so make sure you can breathe easily and still carry on a conversation while you jog.
  • If you’re a beginner, a run/walk method is a great way to build up endurance.

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Little Havana

Absorb the culture of Miami on a Little Havana Walking Tour

The Little Havana walking tour provides you with the perfect opportunity to learn a great deal about the city where you live. After this annual event, you’ll have a whole new appreciation of Miami-Dade.

The Little Havana walking tour offers attendants the chance to book a private or group tour which takes you through all of Little Havana. Not only will you see sights you’d miss if you simply drove through the tone, your guide will provide you with all sorts of insight into the culture of this Cuban community and add all kinds of interesting historical bits you’ll love.

Things you’ll enjoy during the tour includes:

  • Authentic Cuban cigar rolling
  • Enjoy pure sugar cane juice
  • Visit a fruit market
  • Have a great time at a family run restaurant

The ticket price for the Little Havana walking tour is $40, which is a really good price when you consider that the price includes food.  Tours start at 10:30 a.m. and will take the better part of the day.

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Source: TK's at the Villa Mayfair

Get a Dining Experience that’s Out of this World at the Chef’s Tasting Table

One of the best parts to living at Altis at Kendall Square is the location. These apartments in Miami are in a great city that has plenty of things to see and do. There are lots of events to check out during the holiday season. For those who love fantastic culinary fare, mark your calendar for the Chef’s Tasting Table, held every Tuesday and Saturday.

Source: TK's at the Villa Mayfair

Source: TK’s at the Villa Mayfair

Enjoy a dining experience like no other. For two hours, savor a four-course dinner with head chef Maribel Gaynor as she prepares dishes with flair and passion. Sip a mojito as you feast on tuna tartare, baby spinach salad, and vanilla mousse cheesecake. She will also discuss the food, her techniques, and any questions the guests may have.

Chef’s Dining Table features two of the best chefs around. There are limited spaces so reserve seating now if you are interested. This is a great opportunity for those who love culinary experiences and learning from the chefs themselves. Savor food, drink, and good company with people who know great food.

This event takes place at TK’s At the Villa Mayfair. Get excited about fresh ingredients, drinks, and learn some new things for the kitchen.

Source: Perez Art Museum Miami

Visit the PAMM on First Thursday for Discounted Admission

If you’re looking for things to do around Miami, you definitely want to make note of PAMM’s free First Thursday. Every first Thursday of the month admission to the Perez Art Museum Miami is free between 10 A.M. and 9 P.M. The next free day will be on December 4th.

Source: Perez Art Museum Miami

Source: Perez Art Museum Miami

PAMM offers many things to see and do, from wonderful art exhibits to artistic education programs for children. They offer after school programs and free museum admission for school groups to introduce your children to the creative world of art. Visit PAMM and see many exciting exhibits by artists, including Jedd Novatt’s sculptures in the Sculpture Garden as well as gifted collections featuring many prominent local artists.

The Perez Art Museum is a wonderful place to visit with your family, where you can appreciate fine art, introduce your kids to the art world and get creative inspiration for your own projects.

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