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Spend More Time Outdoors With These Fun Ideas

You’ll be hard pressed to find an area with weather that is better than Kendall, Florida, so you might as well get out of your luxury apartment in South Miami and spend time outside with friends and family.


When you’re looking for new ways to get outdoors, here are some fun outdoor activities to try:

  • Scavenger hunt: Head to the park and have an outdoor scavenger hunt with your kids.  Write out a list of clues that will lead them to the ultimate prize, though it should just be a note of what the actual prize is.  Your kids will love the competition and excitement as they work towards the big prize.
  • Hit the beach: Whether you’re spending a day with friends or family, Kendall is always just a quick drive to the beach.  Soak up the sun and take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean on a hot Florida day.
  • Volunteer outside: Spending your time giving back to the community is a rewarding feeling.  It’s the perfect way for your kids to learn the value of giving back, so check around for local outdoor events, like farmers’ markets where you can volunteer.

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Best Locales to Grab Sushi in Miami

Altis at Kendall Square is close to many wonderful places where your family can get something to eat, including tasty Japanese cuisine such as sushi. These popular restaurants have the absolute freshest rolls and sashmi, excellent service and a variety of dining options to choose from.sushi

If this is your first time trying sushi, why not try the absolute best sushi at one of these popular restaurants in Miami:

Sushi House

Sushi House on Biscayne Boulevard is often considered one of the best places for sushi in Miami for the excellent food and the stylish décor. They also have a full bar.

Oishi Thai

Restaurants that serve both Japanese and Thai seem common in Miami. This includes Oishi Thai. They have a lot of choices available, including vegetarian dishes. They also have many items on the menu that serve large portions.


Yakko-San has delicious sashimi. The service is also known both for being very friendly and for not keeping guests waiting, despite the fact that Yakko-San seems to always be busy.

If your family likes to go out to eat a lot, Altis at Kendall Square would be a fit thanks to the restaurants in Miami. Eating at the same restaurants all the time can be tiring, so you should always be open to trying something new.

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